Glossary page listing any concepts/paradigms I use in my posts and pages.  Many will notice overlaps between a lot of these subjects, and that overlap, some sort of Venn diagram encompassing all of them, is what I want to try and illustrate.

  • Epistemology – the philosophy of knowledge.
  • Semiotics/Semiosis – the philosophy of signs, and the meaning/content those signs pass into our brains. While generally described in academic terms, I believe that understanding the processes of signs/incoming data and what they trigger in our minds regarding feelings, emotions and any responses those might generate is key to understanding our world, and perhaps manipulating those processes to improve our lot in general.
  • Ontology – nothing to do with dentists. The philosophy of being, our subjective reality. I hold that linking Ontological, Semiotic, and a Epistemic philosophies together gives us a working field of battle which we should seek to understand, and weaponise. my first encounter with the term was reading Hakim Bey’s T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone) which while more poetic, gave me the inspiration for my philosophy of the war of knowledge and interpretation.
  • Culture Jamming – what I’d like to think of as a starting point, but what amounts to “Shots Fired” in a knowledge war.
  • Information Warfare – a more structured view, but possibly narrower than what I’m looking for, but again, basic principles to build upon.
  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) – the idea that one can change one’s habits, general outlook and so on through what you tell yourself. A technique that has roots in persuasion, sales, and is used by lifestyle gurus, damagogues and so on, in a similar way to the knowledge warrior.
  • Noosphere – the sphere of human though, one could argue that this is the battleground, but which could be split down into regions of some kind.
  • Mindware – “a generic label for the rules, knowledge, procedures, and strategies that a person can retrieve from memory in order to aid decision making and problem solving” – Keith E Stanovich.
  • Perception Management – US Military term describing manipulation and selectively providing information to give a specific spin on information. A rather benign term for something with huge reach and power.
  • Constructive Ambiguity – Henry Kissinger’s term for a negotiating technique that embodies vagueness and lack of clarity.
  • The Allegory of the Cave – Plato’s metaphor for awakening, and seeing beyond the obvious physical reality.