Memes. not just funny cats.

Dawkins kind of spoiled a lot of things when he suggested that we’re just blobs of replicating DNA, with a basic underlying code that’s more interested in spreading those genes of ours than anything else.

He might be right.

He also suggested applying the evolutionary and replicative/viral nature of our genes to information. we all know what viral means nowadays, it’s a catch all term applied to click-baity videos we see on facebook, twitter and so on. What we overlook (obviously) is that the effect of us clicking on the links, of sharing the video, picture, joke and so-on is that we are simply acting as a growth medium for a meme, or chunk of information.

One of my ideas behind all of this, is a twofold principle, that first of all we should recognise, and protect ourselves against the semiotics that memes bring to bear that incite us to spread and replicate them. second, that in understanding the principles involved, we can generate our own memes, or manipulate existing memes for our own ends.