my philosophy

I’d like to say I’m not advocating any particular philosophy here, but that wouldn’t be a fair claim.

The world scares me. The world is made up of competing parties, hierarchies, and beliefs. our daily diet of information, whether it be from print, the web, the TV, are consumed with bias. This bias is in some cases accidental, or incidental; the result of inbuilt personal beliefs, or education on the part of the publishers. in more and more cases however, the bias is deliberate and insidious.

More and more of our information is either distorted, or outright lies.

These lies tend to be mixed in with truth, so over time, we have less and less idea what to believe in the short term. What I’d like to instil in my readers eventually, is a sense of querying the data that they absorb to try and identify whether it’s true or not.

And whether or not it’s true, who it benefits.

This applies to the news.
This applies to Advertising.
This applies to the suggested post on Facebook.
This applies to the Hashtag on Twitter.

Question. Analyse. Respond.