Information warrior to Knowledge warrior

A heavy emphasis is made these days on the next generation of warfare, which many consider to be cyber-warfare, or one of many definitions of asymmetric or fourth generation warfare.

The general idea is that the next war isn’t going to be fought using traditional infantry, naval or air forces, but something more complex.

My personal view is that this is missing the point. (see basic concept page)

Psy-War, PsyOps – Psychological Warfare/Propaganda have been used for time immemorial, notably in the Vietnam conflict when the US army’s use of the term became more public.

The Arab Spring of recent years has seen the reported use of Social Media, and attempts by local governments to block or compromise this layer of communications, and if we look to the Chinese, and the North Koreans, their internet is particularly restrictive and given over to mass surveillance.

Information is a medium over which battles can be fought, but this is too simplistic, and concentrates on gathering or suppressing information.

If we as citizens are going to stay ahead of the curve, we need to become knowledge warriors, understanding the information we’re being given, and making sure it’s what we think it is.

This isn’t just getting hold of the unreported news, although that in itself is something to strive for, but understanding, dissembling, and piecing together a more rounded view of reality from the surface information of the society we live in.